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When it comes to packing, many people think that all it takes is just having lots and lots of boxes. Unfortunately, as homeowners discover while moving, the actual process is not so simple. More often than not, many items do not fit easily and need to be rearranged and organized so that they can fit into the limited space while preventing damage. 

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Other valuables cannot simply be stacked in a box, or at least not if you want them to arrive intact at your new home. If they are fragile or delicate, they will need special wrapping to protect them from the bumps throughout the journey. Still other large or priceless pieces of art and furniture require crating rather than cardboard to truly protect them. No matter what kind of needs you have, our team at Capitol is ready to offer dedicated packing and crating services in Hartford.

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Timely, Careful Packing & Crating

When it comes to having all your belongings packed or crated for transportation, certain elements are essential for the journey ahead. On the one hand, you will want your moving crew to provide thorough caution, ensuring that even the most fragile pieces of antique china will arrive safely at your new house. On the other hand, however, you will want a team that is also efficient, since there is a narrow window for leaving your old place and entering your next home. 

Our team can provide both of these components, in addition to complete organization with our system of itemizing your inventory. This means that unpacking will not cause chaos, since everything is accounted for.

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Packing for Any Kind of Item

There are some moving companies that only provide limited packing services, but rest assured that whatever prized possession or valuable you want to be transported to your home will arrive safe and sound.

A few of the many different types of objects that we can carefully pack include:

  • Fragile decor
  • Antique furniture
  • Electrical devices and equipment
  • Heavy home appliances and furniture
  • Sensitive musical instruments or sport equipment
  • Home theater systems
  • Expensive pieces of fine art, from paintings to sculptures
  • Photographs

Flexible Services for All of Your Individual Needs

One of the best elements about our services is that we offer flexible plans and packages. After all, in the same way that every home is different, every moving plan may have special complications. We can provide partial packing or comprehensive packing, depending on whether you want all of your items moved or some relocated to storage.  

We even provide extra security through our custom crating program, if there are highly delicate or fragile items that need special requirements throughout the journey. No matter what valuables you have, you can rely on our crew at Capitol to offer flexibility and individualization, tailoring our services to match your unique needs. 

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