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Data Center Moving
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Data Center Moving in Hartford, CT 

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While local movers can be found on virtually every corner of Hartford, it is almost impossible nowadays to find a trustworthy company that can handle massive data center relocation. When a crew is moving your data center, they have to have both the knowledge and experience to safely uninstall, package, transport, and reinstall complicated technical devices. They also need to have specialist equipment that can carry and move such heavy pieces and extensive cabling. 

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The great news is that Capitol has exactly what you need for superior data center moving in Hartford. Even your most sensitive equipment will arrive safely and on time.  

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Complete Relocation Services for Your Data Center Needs

Moving any kind of equipment needs great care and planning, but this requirement increases tenfold when you are dealing with relocating equipment for your data center. Many moving companies cannot handle this kind of transition, since it is simply too complicated and costly for most crews to safely pack, deliver, and set up such sensitive systems. However, our team is able to perform data center moving with the highest quality, on account of the rigorous training and experience our talented professionals gain through their certification program.

Not only do we have expert technicians, but we also have a huge selection of industrial tools at our disposal, specifically designed to handle these large transportation projects. No matter how big your device or piece of equipment is, we can safely move it – even if that means transporting a mainframe weighing up to 8,000 pounds. Disconnecting, organizing, and reconnecting cables and wires does not phase our skilled professionals, and you can trust them to have your systems set up in no time.

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Benefitting from Our Experienced Data Center Moving Company

One aspect that sets our team apart from all the competition is that our talented experts are not merely professional movers, but are actually data center specialists. For almost two decades, our team members have successfully completed projects on raised floor environments with outstanding performance rates. As technology has changed with the times, our crew has continued to get the most up-to-date training in working with cutting-edge digital and electrical equipment. 

You can trust them to ensure that all your data center needs are met with their comprehensive services for:

  • Relocating your data center
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling data cables
  • Packing, crating, and transporting sensitive hardware
  • Support for DCIM
  • Recycling for any material, including e-Waste

There is no need to fear that your expensive, valuable materials will come damaged or late when you trust our reliable team at Capitol. It is our passion to help clients limit any delay in productivity, so our dependable and efficient team members will stay focused on your individual needs from start to finish until it is complete. 

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Planning & Preparation Tips for a Success Data Center Relocation

Relocating your data center is an undertaking that requires meticulous planning for a smooth move. At Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we understand data centers' critical role in modern businesses.

We're here to guide you through this complex process - here are tips to help:

  • Assess and Inventory. Begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current data center infrastructure. Document all hardware, software, and network components. This detailed inventory will serve as the foundation for your relocation plan.
  • Risk Assessment. Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, such as hardware failures, data loss, or security breaches. Develop a risk mitigation strategy to safeguard your valuable assets.
  • Develop a Relocation Team. Assemble a dedicated team with IT, facilities management, and project management representatives. Ensure clear communication lines to facilitate collaboration throughout the relocation process.
  • Timeline and Schedule. Establish a realistic timeline for the relocation. Consider critical business operations and downtime tolerance. Create a detailed schedule with milestones to track progress.
  • Infrastructure Compatibility. Ensure that your new data center location meets your equipment's technical and environmental requirements. Address power, cooling, and connectivity needs to guarantee seamless functionality.
  • Data Backup and Migration. Implement a robust data backup and migration strategy to prevent data loss. Test data recovery processes to verify their effectiveness.
  • Testing and Validation. Test systems and applications in the new data center environment. This step ensures they function correctly before resuming normal operations.

Our Capitol Relocation & Logistics team is dedicated to making your data center relocation a success. We'll assign a coordinator to make your data center relocation as smooth as possible. They'll help plan and assess risk, keep open lines of communication with you, safeguard your data, and ensure the relocation is done on time.

Do you need data center relocation services? Call us at (860) 415-4400 or reach out online for a free quote.

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