Checklist For What To Check On Your Final Walkthrough

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Buying a new home is one of the most exciting and important life events. The buying process can be a bit tedious and stressful, but certainly worth it in the end. One of the very last steps in the buying process is the final walk-through before closing. This process is exactly what it sounds like. You have the opportunity to walk through your home before you sign your closing papers to be sure that it is in the condition you expect it to be in at the time of purchase. This generally happens after the seller has moved out of the home about 1-2 days before closing. If you are new to the process or are unsure what to look for in your final walkthrough, here are a few items to make sure that you put on your checklist:

  1. Check the agreed-upon repairs: During the buying process, you and the seller likely agreed for certain issues to be taken care of before closing. The final walk-through gives you the opportunity to make sure that these repairs were made to your satisfaction.
  2. Check door/window locks, appliances, lights, and garage door opener (if applicable): It is always a good idea to make sure that the locks on the doors work, that you have plans for obtaining keys to the new home and that the lights, appliances, HVAC and other electrical items are in working order.
  3. Check the water: It is also a good idea to flush the toilets, turn on faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms and make sure that the plumbing seems to be working well.
  4. Is the property clean: Check for any debris, property of the seller, or other items that should not belong there when you move in.
  5. Exterior check: Make sure that you take a walk around the property as well to be sure that you do not see anything out of place or taken that was sold along with the home (sheds, swing sets, etc.).

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