Moving To The Suburbs And Other Fast Growing Trends


As we continue to battle changes to jobs and the pandemic, many Americans are considering moving from crowded cities to more suburban locations.  This trend is likely tied closely to the ongoing pandemic that is affecting our country. The more densely populated cities have been hotbeds of COVID-19 infection since the virus was first identified in Washington state in January of 2020, and the spikes of infection that have occurred since have almost all originated in cities. Decisions made to move from cities to the suburbs are not being made rashly. They are serious decisions made by people who understand that, even as our country gets a firmer handle on treating COVID-19 and preventing its spread, there are other reasons to consider a permanent move from the big cities. The cost of living in the suburbs is lower and if you work for a company that is open to a permanent work from a home model, we are no longer so tied to the big cities.

Movement from Big Cities to the Suburbs

Significant shifts in thinking about where to live are not uncommon. Historians have studied this kind of phenomenon in many different times over the course of many decades. While collective attitudes about where to live have remained consistent, one thing that has changed is the ease with which people are now able to move from one place to another.  Capitol Relocation & Logistics provides the kind of service that mitigates the difficulty and maximizes the conveniences of moving, whether from cities to suburbs or suburbs back to cities.

When shifts of location are more significant, those who tend to initiate the shift are those with the means to withstand the financial commitment of such a change.  But it is not only the wealthy who should be able to make such a choice.  Younger people, who often graduate from college and start their careers in larger cities, are also making the decision to live a more suburban life.  The cost of moving should not be prohibitive for anyone who seeks a better life in a new or an utterly familiar part of the country.

Full-Service Moving Company

Capitol Relocation & Logistics works to understand these kinds of trends because we want to understand our clients so that we can serve them better. 

From the point that someone decides to pack their first box to placing that same box in their new home, we provide the services that get you from point A to point Z. Call us at (860) 415-4400 to learn more about our residential moving services.

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