Keeping Your Fragile Possessions Safe During A Move

Fragile items

One of the most anxiety-inducing tasks of an impending move is keeping your fragile and expensive belongings safe in the process. Taking a few extra precautions will go a long way to providing peace of mind that your possessions will arrive intact and in the same condition.

With the right process for packing, your items can make the trip safely and you can avoid a lot of worries. Just a few easy and inexpensive measures will all but guarantee a damage-free arrival.

The Type of Box Makes a Big Difference

When securing supplies for a move, many people attempt to spend the least amount of money possible so they can allocate it to other expenses that are part of the process. This effort sometimes leads to packing used, or just plain cheap, boxes for the move.

A thin box can lead to damaged possessions. Especially for your more fragile items, make sure you have thick and sturdy boxes. Even the additional measures you take by what you put in the box to protect your belongings cannot compensate for a deficient box.

There’s Never Too Much Tape

That might be a stretch, but using extra strips of strong packing tape along the bottom of your boxes is important for keeping the contents secure. Heavier items put more strain on the bottom seam so extra tape provides a sturdier base as boxes are hauled and stacked.

Once you get into the boxes, there are some extra items that will help keep your belongings safe and secure. Using foam, bubble wrap, or towels placed evenly along the bottom of the box provides a layer of cushioning to protect its contents.

Invest in Accessories to Keep Your Investments Safe

Cardboard dividers for glass and stemware is a wise accessory that provides a secure space for your most fragile items and keeps them safe while in transit. Make sure to wrap each individual piece and stuff them with packing paper so there are not any open spaces in the box.

The most important step in keeping your fragile possessions safe during a move is to hire a reputable and professional moving company like Capitol Relocation & Logistics. Call Capitol Relocation & Logistics at (860) 415-4400 or use our online contact form to request more information on how to make sure your belongings arrive unharmed during your next move.

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