Top Exterior Home Improvement Projects To Consider Before Selling Your Home

Painting trim outside

If you’re considering selling your home, you likely are aware of the importance of curb appeal. A home that shows well typically sells much faster than a home that looks old and tired. At Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of exterior projects you can tackle to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Exterior Projects That Can Help Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Below are just a few exterior projects that can boost the curb appeal of your home so that it looks more attractive to potential buyers:

Paint Your House

If the paint on your home looks old and worn, new paint can often do wonders! A freshly painted house looks clean and bright, which can translate into a quicker sale. Paint your front door a bold color as well to help invite potential buyers into your home!

Invest in Landscaping

Landscaping doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Simply trimming bushes back, cutting your grass and adding a bit of mulch to your natural areas can really make your home look much more appealing. You can also use landscaping to help add additional privacy to certain areas of your property, especially if you have close neighbors.

Replace Old Windows

Old windows are a major source of heat loss. By replacing these old, drafty windows you can help potential buyers avoid having to incur this huge expense soon after closing. New windows help to cut down energy bills and are much easier to clean and maintain.

Pressure Wash Your Home and Driveway

Pressure washing your home and driveway can instantly improve the look of your home. When you’re selling your home, you want it to look as bright as possible and pressure washing is a great and inexpensive way to really make the exterior of your home pop!

Once Your House is Sold Turn to Capitol Relocation & Logistics!

If you take our advice, we’re confident that your home will be under contract in no time at all! Once you have a buyer, it’s time to think about moving into a new home. Put your trust in Capitol Relocation & Logistics for all your moving needs. We’ve been helping residents in the area begin to make memories in a new home for more than 60 years. Call us today at (860) 415-4400 to setup a time for one of our moving consultants to come to your home to provide you with a free estimate.

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