Tips For Merging Two Households Smoothly

Merge houses

The nature of our business allows us to glimpse into the lives of the people we serve, and one of the goals of Capitol Relocation & Logistics is to ease the difficulty of entire the moving process. Many things can make a move difficult and our team works to ensure that your stress is minimized, if not eliminated.  One type of move that we see a lot is combining households, which has the potential to be a great cause for celebration, as long as the stress of moving is kept under control.  If you and your partner are planning to move in together, please see below for five tips for merging two households smoothly:

  1. Combining two households begins, like most things in life, with good communication –  Take the time to discuss as many aspects of the merger as possible.  Make lists of items that are present in both homes and discuss how to determine which ones to keep and which ones to part with.
  2. Begin by reducing, donating, recycling, selling, and tossing –  Combining two households means that there is likely to be many duplicate items.  If you do not need all of these items, edit them out of your life.  Pots, pans, appliances, and dishes that are in good shape can be donated or sold.  If you and your new housemate(s) have multiple coffee makers, keep the newer one and decide to sell or donate the other one.
  3. Know how much space you have to work with in your new home –  Take measurements of each room and determine which furniture will be placed in each one and be certain that you have enough room to accommodate your plan.
  4. Do not neglect the financial aspects of your merger –  If you have decided to merge households, you might already have worked out the financial components of making two households one.  But if not, spend some good time determining who will pay the bills, who will contact the utilities, and whether or not bank accounts will all become joint accounts or if some or all will remain separate.
  5. Remember that transition, like many kinds of change, can be difficult –  Prepare for the likelihood that at some point, you and the person or people you now share space with will come into some degree of conflict with each other.  Living separately might have afforded you the luxury of avoiding the kind of conflict that can arise from sharing space.  Remember that it is normal and to be expected, and that it can be addressed by compromising, being more patient, and recognizing that it is all a normal part of the process of moving in together.

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