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How To Move Your Art Safely

Moving fine art

If you own art, there is little doubt that you care enough about it to worry about its safety when you make the decision to move.  Capitol Relocation & Logistics can help you make a plan for how to move your art safely.  Here are some basic recommendations for making sure that your art is safe during your next move:

  1. Understand the nature of your artwork –  Even within the category of paintings, there can be differences that require varied approaches to packing and transporting.  Experts will tell you, for example, that oil paintings need to be packed differently than watercolors or even valuable prints.
  2. Use boxes that are appropriate for specific art pieces –  For paintings, we recommend using boxes that are made specifically for mirrors and frames.  Telescopic boxes can be adjusted to fit odd-sized frames and are a much better solution than fashioning a box out of cardboard and packing tape that “fits” a frame.  Telescopic boxes still allow you to wrap the frame in bubble wrap prior to placing it in the box, which adds further protection for your artwork.
  3. For large paintings, sculptures, and other larger pieces of art, consider using a crate –  Crates are good sources of safety for artwork.  Packing a piece of art in a crate is likely to be more costly, but it may be worth the cost and effort for pieces of art that you value greatly.  Some crates are built for specific pieces of art.  If you do not have the flexibility to have crates built specifically for your artwork, pre-built crates can still provide adequate protection for what is inside.
  4. Smaller pieces of art can be combined in one smaller box –  If you secure each piece in bubble wrap and place multiple wrapped pieces in a small- to medium-sized box, each piece will help to secure the others inside the box.  The pieces that are placed inside one box should be packed tightly enough that they are not sliding around, but not so tightly that movement or light impact will cause them to experience stress from the tightness of the packing and break.

Residential Moving Company with Experience Moving Artwork Safely

If the prospect of moving your valued art pieces is too daunting, Capitol Relocation & Logistics would be happy to help you.  Choosing the right movers is the most important recommendation that we can offer you. We have earned a reputation for being knowledgeable about moving all personal belongings and for being exceptional customer service providers. If you have questions, call us at (860) 415-4400.

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