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Why To Consider Plastic Containers For Your Move

Prepping for an upcoming residential or commercial move? If so, it will surely benefit you to leave the details of your move up to our dedicated team at Capitol Relocation & Logistics. With more than fifty years of moving experience, we take pride in taking the stress of a move off of the shoulders of our clients. Now that you’ve chosen the right professional moving company to help you with your move, our experienced staff wanted to dive into why you should consider plastic containers for your upcoming move.

Say No to Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a staple when it comes to moving from a residential or commercial property. The unfortunate fact, however, is that most of these cardboard boxes are discarded after just one use. Sure, some individuals try to donate their cardboard boxes, but the large majority are trashed after a move. A recent study found that 90 million cardboard boxes are thrown away each year. The moving industry is a key contributor to this large amount of waste. At Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we have a solution that we’re excited to share with our current and future clients.

Benefits of Reusable Plastic Containers

Reusable plastic containers are the perfect solution to this waste issue that cardboard boxes have caused. The first key benefit to utilizing reusable plastic containers is that they are great for the environment. Other reusable plastic container benefits that we’d like to highlight include:

  • More Durable – These reusable plastic containers are much stronger than a standard cardboard box. Additionally, these boxes can handle much greater weight than a cardboard box.
  • Easy to Stack – Stacking cardboard boxes can always be tricky. With plastic containers, stacking your boxes has never been simpler. You don’t have to worry about any of your boxes caving in like you do with a cardboard box.
  • Water Resistant – Another common issue with cardboard boxes is that they are not very effective if they come into contact with water. Rather than absorbing the water, our reusable plastic containers are able to withstand water should you end up moving during wet conditions.
  • Moving Wheels – Cardboard boxes are difficult to move because they don’t have any form of wheels to help you navigate. At Capitol Relocation & Logistics, the plastic containers that you can utilize come with moving wheels that perfectly fit your containers.

If you’ve got an upcoming move that you are prepping for, don’t resort to utilizing cardboard boxes that just end up clogging up the local landfill after your move. Instead, you should consider plastic containers for your next move. To learn more about the benefits of reusable plastic containers or to request your upcoming moving quote with Capitol Relocation & Logistics, give us a call today at (860) 415-4400 or email