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How To Simplify The Moving Process In The Hartford Area

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When you are in the midst of a move, nothing seems simple. Belongings must be packed, your new home (and old home) cleaned and prepared, you must handle turning on and off utilities and sometimes even oversee repairs to one or both places.  In fact, moving is often cited as one of life’s most stressful events.  Below are 5 strategies for keeping the moving process simple and keeping you sane during the process!

How to Keep Your Next Move as Simple as Possible

  1. Plan Ahead:  Moving will become like a full time job for a period of time. And, just like you would tackle a project at work, you can really make your life easier by coming up with a game plan for your move. Start with a calendar and target specific dates for important things like scheduling utilities such as internet to be turned on in your new home (and off in your old home), closing dates, etc.  This will help you keep track of important deadlines related to your move.
  2. Purge:  It is not wise to spend time moving items from one home to another that you do not need. So, simplify the process by going through and donating items that you no longer use.  This will also make unpacking easier as boxes with those items tend to sit for a while without a natural home.
  3. Pack with a purpose:  Being organized with the packing process is a critical step for keeping your move simple.  Try to pack by room and label all of your boxes so that when you get to your new home it will be easier to unpack as well.
  4. Get the help you need:  Decide before you embark on your move how much help you will need. Can your move be completed with the help of family or friends, or do you need to hire a moving company to help with the job?  If you decide to hire a moving company, do you need help moving from place to place or do you also need help packing?  There are many resources that you can use to keep your move as simple as possible.
  5. Build in time for reflection: Recognize that moving is stressful and a major life event.  If you have children, make time to help them process this change so that the transition is made easier. Go to your new neighborhood and walk around, have dinner with neighbors who you are leaving and just give yourself and your family the space you need to adjust.

Keep Your Next Move As Simple as Possible By Partnering with Capitol Relocation & Logistics

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