Why A Written Estimate Is So Vital To Ensure A Successful Move

We all know that moving is stressful. In fact, it is often ranked in the top 10 most stressful life events, right up there with divorce, the death of a loved one or starting a new job.  Part of the stress of moving comes from all the variables that are a part of the process.  And, given that you only move a handful of times in your life (at most), the process can quickly become overwhelming, intimidating and frustrating.  Protecting yourself from being taken advantage of by a moving company is sadly one of the issues that can cause significant stress.  If you are preparing for a residential move, it is imperative that you get a written estimate from your moving company.

Why do you need a Written Estimate?

One thing that you will want to know quickly is how much it will cost you to hire a moving company.  This estimate should give you the information you need to adequately plan for your upcoming move.  However, many moving companies offer verbal estimates or even ask you to sign incomplete estimates and then charge you significantly more once they actually complete your move.  This is a terrible business practice but the fact is that many companies get away with it. There are several ways to protect yourself from this.  There are several different types of estimates that a moving company may offer you when you contact them about a quote.  You should specifically request a written estimate as it is a legal document that binds a moving company to the quote they provide you.

A binding estimate requires the moving company to honor the price they quoted you as long as nothing changes.  If things change and you need to move more or less, then you receive a new estimate. A non-binding estimate is a mover’s best guess of what it will cost to move your belongings, but the final amount is determined by the weight of your shipment.  As you can imagine, your bill can end up significantly higher than the estimate, but you cannot be required to pay but 110% at the time of the delivery. All remaining charges must be billed at a different time.  Your moving company should be willing to provide a written estimate for your move (binding or non-binding). If the company is hesitant to do this, you should look for another company.

Trusted and Reputable Moving Company

Capitol Relocation & Logistics strives to make your move as simple and easy as possible and one way that we do this is to always offer our customers a written estimate. For more information or to contact us for your next move, call (860) 415-4400.

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