Why Hartford CT Is Great For Families

Whether you are moving here for work or pleasure, Hartford, CT is the perfect place for all different types of families. At Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we have been serving the Hartford, CT area for over sixty years. With a population of over 124,000 residents, Hartford is home to many cultural attractions, amazing entertainment venues, and obviously some world-class dining. Many say that moving to Hartford, CT means that they are finally moving home. Let us help you move to your next home in Connecticut’s beloved capital city, Hartford, CT.


When we talk about history, we are just discussing the last episode of Gilmore Girls. Much of the storyline in this infamous show took place in the beautiful city of Hartford! Apart from its Gilmore fame, Hartford is known for so much more. Attractions like the Mark Twain House & Museum and Elizabeth Park have been there for many years and continue to be a staple in our community. With so many different historic and educational attractions, there will always be something interesting around for family members of all ages to enjoy.

Educational System

Hartford public schools are committed to focusing on each and every student and their success. We not only want them to perform well in school but beyond. Through innovation and ingenuity, we have schools that offer diverse themes and options. We do this so that families have the opportunity to choose the type of school they register their child for. Additionally, we offer tuition-free college credit programs to our high school students, affording the opportunity to better prepare themselves for post-graduation.


Hartford, CT is a great location for many different reasons. We have seen large economic growth through the years and we are home to many different large corporations and small businesses, thriving and succeeding in the area. Additionally, NYC happens to only be 3-4 hours by train. Nothing better than living in a growing city but still feeling like a small town with the luxuries of NYC just a train ride away.

If you are planning a move to Hartford, CT, congrats! It is a great place to raise a family and enjoy all of the entertainment and fun that Hartford has to offer. For all of your moving needs, let Capitol Relocation & Logistics do it all! For more information about the Hartford, CT area, give us a call today at (860) 415-4400 or emailĀ info@capitolmoving.com.

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