Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Move In Connecticut

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The weather’s improving, the birds are chirping…and it’s also the perfect time to move in Connecticut! Springtime is special in this area of the United States; it’s when civilization seems to “wake up” from its sleepy, laid-back cold-weather hibernation to get back out into the world full-time. Sure, many of us love wintertime, too, but there’s really nothing like a warm spring day walking in your favorite park to brighten your spirits. But let’s get back to moving and reveal exactly why springtime is such a terrific time for a new start.

No Snow on the Roads

First, and perhaps most importantly, is the fact that it stops snowing mid-way through spring. With less slush, ice, and snow on the roads, moving is safer–both inside the truck and out. Ice can make moving large furniture significantly dangerous; it takes just one slip for someone to become injured. Having better traction on the roads also reduces the risk for accidents as you drive to your new home.

Better Overall Weather

Segueing from the last entry is the fact that springtime brings better overall weather, and better weather means a more comfortable moving process. With the doors thrown open as we move all of your precious belongings in, temperatures can naturally drop. Sunny springtime weather makes it more like an enjoyable day outside than something you need to dress in layers for. Less rain is beneficial, too; there’s no need to worry about anything getting wet on the way out or into your new home.

Best Time to Buy a Home

There’s a proven connection between springtime and home buying, but is it really the best time to buy, or are people just driven to make a new start? The likely answer is “yes” to both questions, though it’s a bit more complex. Whether or not it’s the best time for you tends to relate to the type of home you’re buying. Families with school-aged children will find an uptick in the market through spring because most families wait until the end of the school year to move. Real estate specialists also tend to favor spring, as houses show better during warm weather, and will naturally hold a larger inventory in the spring because of it.

Springtime is just around the corner. If you’re considering a move or just purchased a brand-new home, Capitol Relocation & Logistics wants to help you get situated with less hassle. Contact us today for ways to make your springtime move as effortless as possible.

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