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What To Look For In A Security System For Your New Home

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You’re finally moving into your new home–congratulations! You have so much to look forward to. Here at Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we look forward to helping you get through your move in a way that’s as effortless and stress-free as possible. We can safely transport your most precious items to your new destination, but what about when you arrive? Moving into a new home is the perfect time to reassess your security needs, too. If you’re in the market for a new security system, this guide will reveal important facets of the decision-making process.

Access Codes and Passwords

It seems obvious to think about access codes and passwords when choosing your new system, but sometimes that’s not enough. Having an oversimplified code is like playing Russian roulette; it’s possible a criminal might not gain access, but you’re increasing the risk that they just might guess it, too.

In general, alpha-numeric codes with at least one symbol and one capital offer better strength than others, but not every system offers highly complex codes. Be sure to check before you buy.

Keys, Codes, or Both?

A single-layer security system that uses only a code for access is good, but if criminals manage to get their hands on the code, it’s immediately rendered useless. A combination key-and-code entry is even better because it provides a second layer of authentication against break-ins. You not only need to use the key, but then need to key in the special code immediately after. Thus, the criminal needs to not only have the code, but the key, too.

Consider Fingerprint Scanners

Newer systems offer a brand-new method for entry: fingerprint scanners. Getting past biometrics is nearly impossible unless the thief in question happens to have you with them. These systems work in a way that’s similar to Apple’s fingerprint scanning service; you press your thumb or finger down and it reads your unique genetic pattern.

The only downside is that it makes granting access to random individuals much more restrictive. That said, it is possible to enter new fingerprints in the system, and some units offer an emergency-only code that only the manufacturers and 911 have access to.

Your new security system should not only keep you safe, but be easy to use and highly functional, too. Features like the ones listed above are a critical part of preventing system access from getting into the wrong hands. While we can’t help you install a system, we certainly can help you move in to your new home. Call Capitol Relocation & Logistics for more information on any of our moving services today.

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