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Why A Move Across Town Could Be More Stressful Than A Long Distance Move

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This day in age, people have a remarkable DIY attitude. Honestly, it seems like the trend. Where did you get that distressed table? Oh, well I took my beautifully built antique table and painted it with $10 chalkboard paint. Boom. Now it’s worth a lot less. Now, we aren’t saying that DIY projects are bad. We’re just saying that some things you should just leave to the professionals. For instance, cutting down a tree. Folks, just because you can yell “timber’” does not mean you should try it for real in your backyard. No, a professional is a wise choice for tree cutting. It’s also a wise choice for moving! Even if you’re just moving down the street from your beautiful, quaint Connecticut home to another slightly larger and equally beautiful Connecticut home, call a mover! Moving, even just a little ways across town, can be a lot more stressful than even a long distance move. At Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we are here to help anyone in the Connecticut or Massachusetts area with moving, storage, or any other special services.

A Fool’s Move

So, you’ve decided to move just a small distance from your current home. Because the distance is so miniscule, you also decided that you don’t need to do much. After all, you’re just right down the road, and your car can fit a lot, right? So, moving day is quickly approaching and you open your cabinets and drawers to put away some easy things into grocery bags. Bet you didn’t realize how much you actually had! Woah! How many grocery bags will it take to bring 30 normal dishes and bowls, five sets of china, and a slew of cups, mugs and water bottles? Perhaps we didn’t think this through. It’s time for some boxes that you never really knew you needed in the first place. So, you go around from place to place and search for boxes. You bring home what you can find and awkwardly place the expensive china plates with a leg lamp you got as a gag gift one year for Christmas. Then it’s time to take it on over to the new house. Wait a second, not many of these boxes fit into the car! No! Okay, so you can fit three boxes into the car, some things from your refrigerator, and you’ve stuffed some clothes into the awkward spaces in between it all! Go ahead and plan on a few thousand trips back and forth…oh wait. Plan for a trip to the mall too. The milk and hot sauce from the fridge just spilt all over your work clothes. Since work is why you were able to afford the move in the first place, you need to really consider a new wardrobe. Here’s the reality. If you try to have a DIY move, it’s likely that you will end up in tears by the end of the day. Why stress?

At Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we serve the Connecticut and Massachusetts areas with honesty, integrity, and a whole lot of hard work. Whether you are moving your home or office a short distance or a long one, moving can be seriously stressful. At Capitol, we offer the safest, most secure, and affordable moving services around. Let us handle the stress of the move so you can enjoy your new space! For more information about short-distance moves in the Connecticut and Massachusetts states, give Capitol Relocation & Logistics a call today at (860) 415-4400.

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