Make Sure Your Local Mover Is Insured

Moving insurance

While you are preparing for your move, you’ll want to be sure to read the latest news on moving company scams. During a move, which is already a hectic occasion, many innocent people quickly fall victim to moving companies whose only intent is to force their customers into paying thousands more than they expected to pay for their move.. Read on to find out how this happens and how you can prevent yourself from falling victim to this popular bilking scheme.

Research Before You Choose

Hiring a reliable moving company is not as simple as going online and choosing the cheapest one, or settling on the mover with the best looking website. The majority of us move only a handful of times in our lifetimes, so most of us aren’t aware of how important it is to hire a reputable, insured moving company.

The Moving Scam

There are various ways that movers scam and deceit customers, and they all end in their customers handing over much more money than they originally expected. Once a moving company has your personal possessions in their truck, the game begins. Popular scams involve the movers deceiving customers about the weight of their items. Once on the road and weighed at certified weigh scales, the mover then informs their customer that the weight of their belongings exceeds the original estimate, thus forcing them to pay more than the original estimate in order to unload their items at their new home.

Some scams involve moving brokers who act basically as middlemen who connect customers to a mover. Often, the moving companies that innocent customers assume they are hiring are nothing more than a scam mover who is using a very similar name to reputable, larger movers. Customers are separated from their items and their money when the mover claims that the moving estimate the broker quoted was too low.

How To Avoid Falling Victim To Moving Scams

There are several additional important things to look for in a moving company for your move:

  • Be sure your moving company is an agent of a national moving carrier like United Van Lines.
  • Your mover should be licensed with employees who are bonded.
  • Check your movers US DOT Number to be sure they are legitimate.
  • Ask your mover if the people who are moving you are their actual employees and not subcontract.
  • Your mover should visit your home to see exactly what you want moved.
  • Ask for a written estimate up front.
  • Be sure your mover is accredited with the BBB

Your Trusted, Professional CT Moving Company

These are just a few important tips to help you plan your move properly so that you’ll have a smooth move. Since 1947 Capitol Relocation & Logistics has served the greater New England area for all types of moving and storage needs. If you have any questions relating to your move, or if you’d like a free moving estimate, contact Capitol Relocation & Logistics today at (860) 415-4400.

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