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Finding The Right Trade Show Display Transport

Trade show displays

With all the work that is required to create the perfect trade show display, it’s not surprising to learn that many people neglect to consider how to properly transport their displays to their shows. Shipping the trade show display is actually one of the most important considerations, as the entire trade show experience can be negatively affected if the transport is not handled correctly. Here’s some helpful information to consider when it’s time for you to find the right trade show display transport.

Hire An Experienced Trade Show Display Mover In CT

When searching for a CT moving company to move your trade show display, the experience should be your first requirement. Ask your mover how much experience they have transporting trade show displays. Find out if they have handled any display shipments that are similar in nature to your own. For instance, if your display involves sensitive electronics or fragile glassware, be sure they are knowledgeable and experienced in the moving of those items. Ask how they handle smaller accessories that are not connected to your display but are required in order for your display to function properly. Find out about their claims records and their training.

Does Your Trade Show Display Require Special Handling?

If your trade show display is truly one-of-a-kind, you will want to be sure your mover is willing to come to your site to assess what will be required to carefully protect and transport it. Find a moving company that is equipped and experienced enough to handle your specific display. There are moving trucks that offer added precaution for delicate displays such as suspension that helps reduce the road vibration and wider doors for larger shipments.

Storage For Trade Show Displays

Your best bet is to hire a moving company to work as a part of your team and will be able to proactively offer you various options for your trade show display. Full-service trade show transport companies will be able to help you determine the best way to store your display while it is not in use. For many larger displays, it makes the most sense to store them off-site in a secure, climate-controlled warehouse. In these cases, the displays will remain packed and ready for their next trade show destination.

Find Your Trade Show Display Mover In South Windsor CT

One of our specialties at Capitol Relocation & Logistics is transporting and storing trade show displays. Since 1947, we have been the trusted New England trade show display moving company. Our expert movers have been relied upon time and time again by companies just like yours and we proudly take the lead when it comes to properly handle trade show displays. Feel free to call us today at (860) 415-4400 to learn more about how we can help your company transport and store your trade show display.

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