Record Storage Tips To Keep You In Compliance

Record storage boxes

You may find that your company has been working hard to keep pace with today’s ever-changing regulatory mandates and compliance environment. Rest assured that Capitol Moving Archive Storage, your local movers, and records storage specialists in Connecticut utilize the latest and most efficient approach to keep your business in compliance with records retention requirements. Here, we offer your company a few record storage tips to help keep your business in compliance with requirements.

Know Storage Requirements Based on Industry

Not being aware of which records to keep, for how long, and how to store them can be a challenge in itself for some companies, as these mandates can frequently change in some highly regulated industries. When you take into consideration the consequences (fines, diminished reputation, and other penalties) involved in not being able to produce the requested documentation in a timely manner, proper retention rules are a priority issue for any company. It is in the best interest of your company to establish written rules that clearly outline what your company will retain, how it should be retained, for how long, and how it will be destroyed.

Don’t Forget Electronic Records

Record retention does not only refer to paper files, but also electronic files, data and devices. Your company must have established policies toward the electronically formatted records and devices in place because today, much of our day-to-day business happens electronically. In the case of electronic records, your company must clearly detail what is considered to be a record, and this could even possibly encompass equipment such as hard drives and tablets. This area in record storage is evolving, and it would be wise to engage your company’s legal counsel to help clarify and establish guidelines for electronic records.

Protect Your Information

With identity theft and theft of electronics being in the headlines frequently, the security of your record storage is vital. Every time your records are moved from a desk to a file, between employees, or from file to storage box, they are at risk. There should be a method of accounting for every move your records make. For many companies, the safest way to protect your records is by contracting with a professional archival and storage company with secure warehouse storage.

Most Effective Method To Store Records
Let Capitol Moving Archive Storage handle your company’s record storage program so that you can focus on the business at hand. Capitol Moving Archive Storage will store your records in an off-site, secure location, and all your files will be scanned and bar coded upon entry to our storage facility. This level of security allows for tracking and efficient and quick retrieval and destruction when needed. Capitol Relocation & Logistics is a CT area moving company; we provide affordable movers and office movers for your business as well as secure, climate controlled warehouse storage.

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