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Why Office Moves Require Experienced Commercial Movers

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Your Connecticut business depends on your office running smoothly and efficiently. Relocating, even within the same building, can turn your office upside down resulting in prolonged downtime, which hurts your profits and productivity. Even if your budget is stretched, hiring an experienced office mover pays for itself. Time is money, and a professional, experienced office mover saves you a great deal of time.

What Does a Professional Office Mover Bring to the Table?

An experienced professional mover provides many advantages over doing the move yourself. These include:

  • Careful Planning – Experienced movers know the pitfalls and tripping points in office moves. They plan how to make the move with downtime greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • Efficient, Fast Packing and Loading – Professionals are trained in how to pack properly, move equipment in and out of buildings, and load a truck to prevent damage during transit. The faster and more efficiently the move is made, the sooner your business and employees can resume being productive.
  • Reliability – Professionals aren’t going to call in sick the day of the move. Customer service and customer satisfaction are keys to their staying in business for any length of time.
  • Less Office Jealousy or Resentment – When moving an office yourself, you could find employees resenting fellow workers whom they perceive as not doing as much work as others in the move. There’s also the possibility of employees being disgruntled from being taken from their work to help with the moving.
  • Safety – Professionals are trained in proper techniques for picking up and moving boxes, furniture, and equipment. If an employee gets hurt in the do-it-yourself move, his or her ability to function on the job after the move might suffer.
  • Experts Dealing with Special Issues – Experienced office movers have special vans for sensitive equipment and the proper tools for moving heavy equipment or machinery. If you’re trying to move yourself, you likely won’t have the proper equipment to handle your most sensitive equipment, which could spell disaster.
  • Secure Storage – If papers, files, equipment, or furniture needs to be stored before, during, or after a move, professional movers will likely have secure, climate controlled facilities for short and long-term storage.

Connecticut’s Experienced Office Mover Is Capitol Relocation & Logistics

For Canton, Avon, South Windsor, and the surrounding communities in this area of Connecticut, Capitol Relocation & Logistics is the one to call for your office moves, large or small. With over 50 years of experience, you can be confident that we have successfully moved companies just like yours. We carefully plan with you and develop a Move Plan designed just for you with each segment of the move scheduled to keep downtime to a minimum. Detailed, color-coded labels and charts ensure that everything winds up exactly where it belongs. Our professionals know how to pack and transport quickly, safely, and efficiently. You will be back to being a productive office before you know it.

To find out more reasons why experienced office movers are a wise choice, or to set up an appointment, contact us today by email at or call (860) 415-4400!

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