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Business Tips For Effective Business Record Storage

Do you find your business facility crowded with files and data that must be preserved as hard copies? Storing these files and items off-site is a wise solution that can safely preserve them while freeing up office space. Following the tips below could ease the process and assure that your records are preserved and easy to access when needed.

Choose the Correct Unit

  • Choose a facility that is clean, well lighted and secure.
  • Choose a unit close to your business for easy access.
  • Choose a size that will allow for future expansion.

Prepare the Unit

  • Install stationary shelves or a rolling shelving system.
  • Use pallets to keep items elevated in case of water intrusions.
  • Invest in high quality locks and limit who has access.

Organize Stored Items in the Unit

  • Store similar records together.
  • Group records by how long they will be stored for easy discarding later.
  • Place important items and those that will be used most at the front of the unit.
  • Organize the boxes by year and type of record.
  • Stack heavier boxes on bottom.

Select Boxing Materials

  • Use standard 15″ x 12″ x 10″ filing boxes for easy stacking.
  • Purchase specialty boxes for digital media and other specialty items.
  • Use tubes to store posters, maps, plans, etc.

Pack and Label Boxes

  • Store digital media in original cases, if possible, on edge with labels facing toward the front of box.
  • Place folders upright, all facing toward the front for ease in locating specific files.
  • Limit weight of items in boxes.
  • Do not overfill boxes – be sure lids fit properly and sides of boxes remain straight.
  • Stuff partially filled boxes with packing to add support.
  • Assign a unique ID number to each box.
  • Label all four sides of each box with an ID number and date of materials within.
  • Make a list of contents for each box and cross index with box ID.
  • Make sure boxes are dry, inside and out, before storage, to avoid mold growth.

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