5 Tips When Selecting A Commercial Relocation Company

Commercial movers

Moving a business can be a time of chaos, stress, and financial worry. Following the five tips below can help the move be more orderly, calm, and lessen downtime for your business:

1. Plan early.
The earlier the planning begins, the smoother the move will be for your company. Planning helps set priorities. It aids in finding potential snags that could hinder the move and helps maintain cost control. Advanced planning gives you more opportunity to research the qualifications of the movers and the time to get multiple estimates. Your employees see that thought has been put into the move, which lessens their stress and gives them confidence that the move will go smoothly – which leads to a quicker transition to full productivity at your new office.

2. Have a single point of contact with the mover.
You need to have one reliable person to be the contact person with the movers. You need someone within your company who has the authority to make decisions and answer questions that may arise. It’s important that this person be a good organizer and know the goals of the move. It is also important that this person has a dedicated contact at the corporate moving company to ensure that any questions are answered quickly and efficiently.

3. Don’t rely on online estimates.
Online quotes can be misleading. Visual inspections prior to the estimate will discover if there are any needs for special equipment or specialized packing. It helps eliminate unexpected delays and costs.

Anyone can put up a nice-looking website; having face-to-face contact gives you a better chance to evaluate experience and to have all of your questions answered.

4. Protect sensitive data.
Moving an office is more than moving furniture and equipment. Employees have passwords, email accounts, customer information, and other data on computers and in physical files. How this information is dealt with can ruin your reputation and severely affect your business’ bottom line. Choose a mover with experience in data storage and security.

5. Create an inventory.
Creating an inventory along with planning early, will be most important for reducing downtime and unnecessary expenses. You will want the inventory is checked to ensure everything is packed appropriately, and again at the destination to ensure everything is in its proper place.

Sometimes it makes better financial sense to replace equipment at the destination rather than pay to have it moved. Creating an inventory gives you the perfect chance to make these evaluations.

Follow these tips and reduce the worry of moving your office. At Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we can make your move smoother and faster, so that you and your employees will be happier! For more information, contact us by email at info@capitolmoving.com, or by phone at (860) 415-4400.

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