Can Your Business Benefit From Logistics Consulting?

Logistics Consulting

For many businesses, transportation and warehousing costs are a significant part of the budget. Your business can benefit from logistics consulting whether you are experiencing a growth spurt or regrouping and scaling down. With proper logistics planning you can anticipate and avoid the many costly mistakes that result from poor, or even worse, no planning. Logistics planning can also give you an edge over your competition by allowing you to fill customer needs more effectively.

What is logistics consulting?

Simply put, logistics planning is the process of analyzing your storage and transportation needs, then preparing a plan that will fulfill those needs in the most efficient, cost-effective, and safe manner.

Consulting with professionals who have expertise in logistics planning will help to find the best solutions for your business. Logistics experts have the experience to look at your business workflow to determine the best strategy to give you competitive and cost-saving advantages.

Things to Consider

Some of your business needs are unique, but all businesses that process, warehouse, and transport products of any kind are bound by some of the same concerns. Those are storage space, asset management, and efficient, cost-effective transportation.

Capitol Moving and Storage Offers Logistic Consulting and More

The many services we provide allow us to help you manage storage and movement of your products and facilities from start to finish. Whether you need domestic or international transportation, commercial packing, record storage or airfreight forwarding, we handle it all.

We have warehouse facilities in major U.S. cities and have a large fleet of company-owned trucks. We offer distribution and shipment management using the latest logistics technology and have a large network of transportation providers that includes air, ocean, and rail. Together with our large fleet of trucks and warehouses across the country, we can help you establish a presence anywhere. In addition, we offer logistics consulting and reengineering services to prepare a plan unique to your needs.

Call Us to Help with Your Inventory Management, Storage, and Transportation

Let our professional consultants analyze your business needs and assist in deciding the plan that will answer your needs. We will strive to assist you and answer any concerns you might have when it comes to your logistics needs.

For more information on our logistics consulting service, or to set up an appointment, contact us by email at or call (860) 415-4400.