Tips For Moving Cross Country

Cross country movers

Preparing for a cross country move? Unlike a local move, moving across the country can be a bit more involved, and can have yo separated from your household goods for quite some time. Hopefully, you’ve given yourself plenty of time to prepare and plan for your upcoming cross country move. While a cross country relocation is a big move with a lot to consider and coordinate, we’ve got some tips to keep you sane and organized so you can handle your big move like a pro!

Now Is The Time To Start

When should you prepare for your cross country move? The answer to that is now! The key to a successful cross country move is a lot of careful planning and foresight. With so many tasks to be checked off your moving to-do list, it’s never too early to begin the process of moving. Take plenty of time, and use an open mind while you walk through your entire home to decide exactly what you want to be moved with you, and what will be discarded or donated. Keep in mind that your moving company will charge you by the weight of your household items being moved, for many of us, that’s enough motivation to purge unnecessary items. The things you won’t be needing immediately after your move are the ideal items for your first few boxes to be packed.

Bring Important Items With You

While your household items are traveling across the country, you won’t want certain important documents and items travelling across the country without having immediate access to them. Make a list of documents that you would not want to lose, and/or that you think you’d need during and immediately after your move. Examples of such items are passport, birth certificate, insurance papers, auto registration, and valuable jewelry.

Pack Your Items Carefully

When you take the time and use the proper packing materials, you’ll reduce the chance of breakage and loss during your cross country move. If you’re planning to DIY your packing, Capitol Relocation & Logistics offers the full range of sizes of professional packing materials and moving crates. Or, if you’d rather save time and energy during your move, hand over the packing task to our professional packing team who will come in and properly pack your home in just a few hours. Clearly mark the outside of each box so that the movers will know exactly which room your boxes should be placed at your new location.

Rely On Cross Country Moving Experts

With over 6 decades serving New England with cross country moving needs, Capitol Relocation & Logistics can provide you with a step-by-step, detailed moving plan so that your long distance move will go off without a hitch. From professional packing and unpacking, to unparalleled customer service, and the backing of United Van Lines, there’s no better South Windsor CT long distance moving company you could hire to help you with your next cross country  move. Call us today at (860) 415-4400 for a free moving estimate, or to learn more about how we will move your family from point A to point B, stress free.

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