Moving During Inclement Weather

Bad weather moving

When preparing for your move, you can plan and prepare for just about anything. But one thing is certain, no matter what season you’re moving during, unexpected severe weather can always be a threat. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do when you suspect the weather won’t fully cooperate on moving day.

  1. Keep Your Eye On The Weather Forecast. This simple tip is one that people often overlook as they become involved in the many details of preparing for their moving day. Check the weather forecast each day starting about a week before your moving day. The hope is that if there’s serious weather on the way, you’ll have some notice in advance in order to prepare for it.
  2. Winter Weather Moves. This is the time of year when sleet and snow can seriously affect your move. Regardless of the amount of snow you are expecting, it makes sense to create a cleared path from your home to the area where your moving truck can safely park to load your items. Keep your sidewalk and driveway clear and use salt or sand to keep your pathways clear of ice. If the road are passable, your moving company may go ahead with your move, but in the event of serious trouble on the roadways, it simply won’t be safe for your movers to proceed, so you should expect a delay. Ask your moving company if they can provide you with plastic wrap and cloth moving pads to cover and protect your doorways, floors, and carpets from wet and salty shoes. If the snow is still falling during your move, plastic wrap and furniture pads should be used to wrap furniture and other bulky items that are not in boxes while they are being moved out of your house.
  3. Rainy Day Moves. No matter what time of the year it is, rain can threaten your move day. A light rain should not cause any issues during a move, but heavy rains will bring challenges. The key to moving during heavy rain is to find a way to keep your belongings from getting too wet. One of the best solutions to keeping your items dryer is to cover and protect all your belongings that are not in moving boxes. Plastic wrap and cloth moving pads are the moving industry standard when it comes to protecting furnishings and unboxed items. Your moving company will have plenty of these supplies on hand for your items. Be sure you help your movers find a parking spot as close as possible to the entrance of your home to keep down the time your items are spent outdoors in the rain. Protect your floors with moving pads and plastic wrap, as the movers will be working with wet shoes. It also helps to keep a supply of towels handy for your movers to use to dry off if needed.
  4. High Heat Moves. While most of us think that clear, sunny days are the best type of moving days, but sometimes, the heat can become too intense. Moving is hard, physical labor and intensely hot, sunny days are not the ideal situation for movers. In the event the temps are super high during your move day, it helps to have on hand a good supply of cold drinks for those who are working in the heat. Additionally, you can expect your movers to take frequent breaks from the work and the heat in order for them to get through their long day in the sun.

Over 60 Years Of Moving Experience With Capitol Relocation & Logistics

Capitol Relocation & Logistics moving company has seen all types of weather conditions in the decades of moving South Windsor CT families. We do our best to complete your move on schedule. Because every move is unique and presents different needs, we work closely with our clients to determine if and at what point your move should be delayed due to unexpected weather conditions.  Contact Capitol Relocation & Logistics today at (860) 415-4400 to learn more about how we can create a customized moving plan for your next move.

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