How To Pack Electronics


When you’re preparing for your move, taking a little extra time and care to properly pack your electronics will go a long way in preventing major headaches later. Why do we want to be more careful with our electronics?  Our computers and laptops not only contain valuable information that would be difficult to recover if damaged, but are expensive to have to replace. And your trusty printer and audio system could easily sustain damage during a move if not properly prepared and protected. The last thing you’ll want is to have the need to research and spend money on replacement electronics before you’ve even had the chance to settle in to your new space. Follow these tips so your electronics will survive your move!

Remove Cables And Wires

Before removing cables and wires from your electronic devices, use color-coded stickers, or affix matching notes with tape to each wire and port so that you’ll easily see exactly where to reconnect them. Using twist ties, wrap and secure each cable separately, then place in a sealable plastic bag, along with any accessories, remotes, additional notes, or instructions that will aide you in reassembly. Tape the bag to the device in order to keep them together.

Empty The Equipment

Check DVD and CD players to be sure that disks have been removed to protect them. Toners and ink cartridges should be removed and placed in a sealed bag. Keeping these items with their equipment will save a lot of time during reassembly.

Include Instructions

If you have original manuals that came with your electronics, keep those with the equipment to help with reassembly. If you have items that you found are complicated to dissemble, writing detailed instructions, or taking pictures of each step will give you something to refer to once you are ready to assemble again.

Protecting Your Electronics

One important note, is that electronics can be damaged by packing materials that can conduct electricity. See your local moving company to obtain proper packing materials for electronics that have antistatic properties. Antistatic popcorn or packing bubbles should be wrapped securely around electronics and closed with packing tape.

Packing Your Electronics For The Ride

The ideal moving box for any electronic device is its original box and packing materials. But if you don’t have the original boxes for your electronics, there’s no need to panic. Your local moving company will be able to provide you with the proper packing material, boxes, and instructions to safeguard your electronics for your move. If you are going to DIY the packing, use a thick layer of antistatic packing bubbles or popcorn at the bottom, top, and sides of each box to protect equipment. There should be no empty spaces in the box, and the device should not have enough room to shift or rattle.

Help With Your Packing

While we always recommend leaving the packing of your valuable electronics to the experts at Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we are also happy to help you with your DIY packing needs.  Call us today at (860) 415-4400 to learn about how we can provide professional packing and moving services to fit within your budget.

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