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Why Do Companies Need Corporate Relocation Services?

Corporate relocation

Chances are your business organization is not in the moving business so why would you take away production time from your normal business operations to attempt to handle your employee relocations?

Your Employees Aren’t Corporate Relocation Specialists

When transferring to another city, employees do not anticipate that they will be left to manage all the details of their relocation. After all, your employees are spending their hours working for your business and should not be expected to specialize in the relocation business. A relocated employee will already have enough to handle with new job responsibilities and becoming acquainted with their new area.

So What’s the Big Deal?

So many more details and aspects are involved in corporate relocations than many businesses are aware. The very basic logistical aspects of a corporate relocation are:

  • Timing the arrival at the employee’s residence to pick up possessions
  • Timing the arrival of possessions at the destination location
  • Coordinating details of the employee’s possessions if they require storage
  • Organizing the locale and terms of temporary housing, if needed
  • Managing the employee’s possessions if going from temporary to permanent housing at a later date

Other details include packing and unpacking of belongings, insuring possessions, dealing with details if anything should go wrong with the move, etc.

What are the Benefits of Using Corporate Relocation Services?

Employees will experience enough stress, as it is when they are relocated. So why would a business want to dump the stress of coordinating and managing every detail of their relocation on the employee? The business should focus on assisting their employees in getting acquainted with and settling in to their new location. When this part goes smoothly, your employees are happy and your business production time is not lost.

The Capitol Difference

There’s no reason to attempt to give your business or your employees a crash course in corporate relocations. Save headaches and lost production time and put your employees first. When your business relies on an experienced corporate moving company with the necessary resources and experience, you can be confident that all the details are in good hands. When your business needs corporate relocation services and is ready to move forward, email Capitol Relocation & Logistics today at or call Capitol toll free at (860) 415-4400.

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