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Is Your Business Storing Sufficient Records?

Record Storage

Each different type of business has it’s own records retention requirements. These requirements are guided by various bodies of authority from states to government agencies. Here is a general guide of information you should be aware of when dealing with the issue of records retention for your business.

Know your requirements
Different authoritative bodies will have differing requirements as to exactly what categories of records your business is required to retain and for how long each type of record needs to be retained. Some examples of these types of records are corporate and client correspondence, medical records, sales receipts, financial reporting data, tax collection information, employee records and bank records. Make sure you and your employees are aware of exactly which records are required by your business to be retained. Stay on top of any changes from regulating authorities to be sure your records management is appropriate.

Why do you need records?
There are different reasons to retain records and these reasons may determine exactly how you organize your stored records. In most cases, certain regulatory bodies are requiring that your business retain these records. These records will need to be made available in the future if your business faces regulatory audits. In some cases, clients or employees may be relying on you to have their important private records on hand indefinitely. And in other cases, companies want to keep printed matter for historical reference. In all these cases, records storage facilities offer a convenient service of organizing your records for quick and easy retrieval when needed.

How to store your records
It is best to use proper records storage boxes for your files and records and have an off-site record storage facility assist your business in organizing and storing your files. Off-site storage facilities provide your business with adequate climate-controlled space for the many years worth of information you need to keep organized and safely retained. Record storage facilities are secure and organized and are conveniently available for retrieval.

How are your records stored?
Are your records organized and easily available? Are you able to quickly retrieve your records when needed? Are your records protected against disaster? Do you have 24-hour access to your records? Do you currently have endless space for today’s storage needs and the needs your business will require in the future?

Most likely, your business is not in the records-storage business and doesn’t want to be in the records-storage business. Let Capitol Relocation & Logistics focus on your records storage requirements. Don’t waste valuable employee time and business office space storing and organizing boxes of records and inactive accounts. Contact Capitol Relocation & Logistics for professional, secure record storage facilities today.

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