How To Properly Transport Your Trade Show Displays

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Transporting trade show displays requires careful planning and execution to ensure that every aspect of the exhibit arrives intact. Trade show displays differ widely, so the individual requirements to ensure that each exhibit is adequately protected and transported vary as well. So how will you know what’s the best way to properly transport your trade show display?

Protecting Your Exhibit Components
It’s always best to rely on dedicated specialized exhibit movers who are experienced in packing and properly protecting your trade show display. Professional exhibit movers will be able to determine and provide the type of boxing, dismantling or custom crating your exhibit will require to get it to your trade show safely.

Don’t Forget the Details
Keep in mind that when it comes to trade shows, deliveries entail certain important details like the timing when the exhibitors are permitted to deliver and set up, getting your display to the exact booth number assigned to you, where to store empty delivery crates and boxes, and the list goes on. An experienced dedicated trade show carrier will work closely with you to coordinate the delivery and pick up of your trade show display within the scheduled timeframe.

Where to Next?
Once the trade show concludes, your dedicated exhibit movers ensure on-time delivery of your empty moving boxes and crates to your booth to be repacked and delivered safely to your next trade show or back to your headquarters. If your exhibit needs to be stored while not in use between trade shows, a full-service exhibit mover will be able to provide secure, climate-controlled warehousing for your crates. An exhibit mover will then work closely with you to coordinate your display’s next move.

Let Capitol Relocation & Logistics Properly Transport Your Trade Show Display
Be sure your trade show display arrives and returns intact on time, just as you would expect it to. Let Capitol Relocation & Logistics’s dedicated exhibit moving department handle the unique details, challenges and logistics involved in transporting your exhibit. When you partner with Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we truly are a trusted partner when it comes to full-service trade show display moving and coordination.

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