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Why Customer Service Matters With Connecticut Movers

Customer service

Many people think about moving with dread and apprehension. Relocation involves more than just moving goods – it involves people. You want a company that treats you as a person and not just a paycheck. This is where having a Connecticut mover that has impeccable customer service skills becomes very important.

What do you look for in customer service?

To find a CT mover with great customer service, ask the following questions:

  • Is the moving company professional?
  • Do the employees have experience?
  • Does the mover hold its employees accountable?
  • Is there training for the employees in how to treat customers?
  • Does the mover provide information and how-to tips?
  • Does the mover keep you informed of the moving process each step of the way?
  • Do policies exist that quickly and professionally address concerns or claims?
  • Is the company involved in the community?
  • What do people say about the mover?
  • Is the moving company properly insured and bonded?

Does Capitol Moving and Storage meet these strict criteria?

In a word, yes. Capitol has been in the moving business for over 40 years. Our employees have an average of seven years of experience, and are trained, tested, and evaluated for courtesy, moving knowledge, and customer service at our state-of-the-art facilities. Our vans are thoroughly checked and sanitized after every move. Not only do we provide many packing tips, checklists, and guidelines to our customers, free of charge, but we go a step further and help with such things as when to cancel utility services at your old residence and we provide useful information about your destination location. We make your move as stress and worry-free as we can with tracking and reporting throughout the move. After the move, a survey ensures satisfaction and resolution of any issues. Capitol is not only deeply involved in charity and community events locally, but on the international level as well. We care about people and that shows in our commitment to our community and to our customers. The many heartfelt testimonials given about Capitol Moving and Storage reflect our commitment to both our community and our customers.

Good customer service starts with Capitol

You can read testimonials on our website at For more information about our excellent customer service, or to set up an appointment, contact us by email at or call (860) 415-4400 today.

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