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Don’t Rely On Your Employees To Help You Move Offices – Hire Office Movers

Office moving

Moving an office can be a chaotic time that can disrupt production and cause significant downtime. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Why hire office movers?

Having your employees move an office is asking for things to be lost, misplaced, or disorganized. Your employees should be concentrating on what they do well and let those who are trained specialists in moving to do what they do best.

A successful, timely move requires planning and attention to detail. Your employees may not be suited to that task. A company that does professional moving knows what steps need to be taken and how to limit the amount of downtime for a company moving offices.

Not all employees are in shape to move offices, nor would all employees necessarily take responsibility for the moving of equipment and supplies. Office movers are trained in how to move heavy and valuable equipment and can remove the “he (or she) isn’t doing their fair share” resentments that could arise among your employees.

Another thing to consider is your budget. Your employees most likely won’t be the swiftest movers. They don’t know how to efficiently and quickly pack and move items like someone trained to do just that. In this case, time is money. If you can hire someone to do something for less per hour than you make per hour, it makes sense to go ahead and do it. With a professional office mover, you know the cost. No surprises, no extra loss from unexpected downtime.

What makes Capitol Moving and Storage the right choice to move your offices?

Capitol Moving and Storage works with you to create a move plan prior to ever starting to pack. Areas are color-coded, special labels are used for organization, and moves are scheduled to diminish downtime as much as possible. Capitol has checklists and guidelines established to make this a smoother process than you ever imagined it could be.

Your best move in office moving is to contact Capitol Moving and Storage

To find out more reasons why a professional office mover is the right choice for you, or to set up a free moving estimate, contact us by email at or call (860) 415-4400.

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