Importance Of Move Management For Employee Relocation

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Moving can be a chaotic, trying time. It can be especially so when starting a new job is involved. There’s much that can go wrong, so as an employer, you want to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Using a professional corporate relocation specialist can help.

Why Move Management?

You could rely on the new hire to be responsible for the move. Your employee’s priorities are going to be getting belongings, and in many cases a family, packed and moved. The new job will take the backseat. Wouldn’t it be better if your new employee could get to the new destination with less stress and worry? Wouldn’t having your new employee ready to focus right away on the new position be beneficial to your bottom line? That’s what having a relocation specialist can give you.

What Does Move Management from Capitol Relocation & Logistics Provide?

With Capitol, the relocation process begins with your employee being introduced to a move coordinator who will go through a comprehensive 18-point relocation checklist. Being experienced in relocating employees, the coordinator will make sure nothing is overlooked. The coordinator not only takes care of the physical aspect of the move, but eases the emotional aspect as well. Knowing exactly what is needed, what each step of the relocation will involve, and getting information about destination resources goes a long way in easing your new employee’s concerns. Having a single point of contact also means any questions or issues your new hire might have will be quickly answered.

With a moving coordinator it doesn’t stop with the move. Our moving coordinators follow up after each move to make sure everything was done satisfactorily. Every step of the way, your new employee will have less stress, less worry, and be able to concentrate on being productive immediately.

Ready To Have Your Employee Relocate with Confidence? Contact Capitol Today!

At Capitol, we take pride in safe, efficient, and on-time moves. Our track record, attention to detail, and pride in our performance is what makes the Capitol Difference.

For more information, contact us by email at, or by phone toll-free at (860) 415-4400.

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