Are Your Office Movers Properly Handling Your Electronics?

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Your office electronics are an essential part of your business and damage or loss during a move can have far-reaching effects. You need to choose a professional who has experience with sensitive and critical equipment. Proper handling means less downtime, which can be critical to your business. Here are some questions you might ask to determine if your electronics will be handled properly and efficiently:

  • Will the moving company do a complete inventory and create a color-coded diagram to establish where each piece of electronics came from and where it will be delivered?
  • Will the company request testing the network and/or data center to establish a baseline to compare to the destination to ensure performance is equal to or better than the origin?
  • If disassembly is required, will there be documentation to ensure proper reassembly?
  • Will there be careful planning to minimize downtime, with contingencies in case something goes wrong?
  • Is there a process to ensure electronics are working properly at the destination?
  • Do the movers have an IT team who will go through the office at the destination, hook up, and test all electronics?
  • Are the movers specifically trained in packing, loading, and moving electronics?
  • Will accessories and manuals be labeled and organized to get them quickly and efficiently moved?
  • Will the movers use anti-static packing material?
  • Are the sensitive electronics protected with specialized vans?

Trust Capitol Relocation & Logistics to Handle Your Electronics

With Capitol, you can answer “yes” to all of the above. Being a United Van Lines agent means that with Capitol, you have access to our unique SAFE-GUARD® Moving Service. Only the most experienced, top-rated drivers are selected. Our vans have air-ride suspension, horizontal and vertical cargo control tracks, wider doors, heavy-duty hydraulic lift gates, and an extra supply of clean, soft pads to ensure the safe loading and moving of your electronics. Our crews are experienced professionals accustomed to handling and moving valuable and sensitive items such as electronic products and take all the steps listed above to make sure your goods make the move safely.

For more information, contact us by email at, or by phone toll-free at (860) 415-4400.

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